One Spring Day

one spring day
in my youth
i was kissed
by a butterfly
when no one
was watching

not only that
but the butterfly
spoke to me
and said
that life
may be unkind
at times
and when that happens
to hang on
until the sun
shines again
and promised
that it always will

as with
all youth
i pooh poohed
the caveat
i was invincible
and impervious
to such things

i grew
into adulthood
and did encounter
great heartache
but hung on
so tightly
at times
that rope burn

each storm
the sun
did shine
once again
as promised

i remember
the butterfly
and glad
her wisdom
proved correct

so glad
she chose me
even tho
initially i
doubted her

i grew wiser
and stronger
to her

i am in her debt

free verse